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[11 May 2009|01:29pm]

He's wearing a striped shirt...he's French, get it?
Actually I truly love this song/video. I wish my love life was exactly like this 3 minute vignette.
French people tend to be boring though.

sea within a sea (conceptual) [16 Apr 2009|09:44am]
I don't care, I love this:

Cut that man right out of my hair [06 Apr 2009|10:47pm]
Tonight was the second Monday in a row that Nick and his lovely girlfriend have come round, broken into my house and started cooking a culinary delight for me to come home too. With wine.
The food is so good I take photos of it. I love having a chef as a very very good friend.

Last night Michael called me, eventuating into the second most awkward phone call ever. Second only to the time that my neighbour's son called to tell my grandfather that the neighbour had died and instead of waiting for me to get my grandfather, just told me instead and I had nothing to say. AWKWARD.
Anyway, Michael's phone call left me sufficiently emotionally drained and I cried heartfelt tears for almost two hours. I didn't have anyone to tell as everyone was at dinner or busy so I bought cigarettes and ginger ale and cracked open the Johnny Walker Black that had been given to my father at least five years ago (which I think he's forgotten about). I made sure I only had one drink as I had to study for an exam today.
I still felt miserable on my way to uni so sent him a message asking him to not call me again. Ever. I felt calmer as soon as I did that. But it was still one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. I guess at least it will give me inspiration for crap sentimental love songs. I only hope I am not inspired to create some sort of poetry.

I also saw a boy I slept with in a state of self-destruction earlier in the year, sitting with his pig faced friend. Whilst I had dreamed of running into him at uni and making it a sufficiently awkward moment, I was also sick of people with penises that ruin my life and so just smiled at myself and went to the office to study.

In other news, I took my best friend to see The Kills last wednesday and it was HERMAHZING. Waiting for those two to take the stage was pure torture. Louis XIV were RUBBISH. Although I did like their intro and outro music. And Wife and I both thought the bearded guitarist was cute until he sang this song in the strangest voice. EVER. We both looked at each other at the exact same time and mouth "What was that?" to each other. The lead singer looked like a cheesy Vegas lounge singer with his cliched moves and silk shirt. When he spoke to the audience I said to wife "He's american, no wonder he's a show off". He was pretty much the cliche of loud american that often invades my mind even though I should know better. There are in fact several persons from North America that I thoroughly repsect and like. He just looked like he was from a tv show.

Free wine from gallery hopping earlier that evening left me incapable of accurately describing The Kills so here's some visual ( except they mocked fought a lot more in their show):

They only played No Wow from No Wow, so I guess they don't like those songs so much.

[26 Mar 2009|01:50am]
I honestly believe that my bosses think I have some kind of self esteem problem. That or they genuinely think I'm pretty amazing. When I got my haircut, the big boss said he really liked it, like three times. And joked that he came by the bookstore just to look at it. And pointed it out to the other manager. Then, the other manager also said he liked my haircut. I thought they were just being nice, or making fun of me. Today I had been at work for maybe two hours and the big boss waited like three minutes to talk to me. He looked really solemn so I thought I was getting fired or something. Instead, he was congratulating me on being friendly and smiling to customers even though it was digustingly hot and humid. He said I made it look like a really great place to work. The girl at the register next to me was quite surprised and a little envious I think. She thought I'd been working all day. Then the other manager also told me I did a great job. I know I shouldn't be suspicious of praise in the workplace and just be grateful, blah blah blah...BUT I still totally convinced they either think I have a self esteem issue OR Alberto is trying to guilt trip me for snobbing him in the car park. To be fair, he was in his car, I was wearing sunglasses and don't tend to pay attention to my surroundings.

Other than that, I have been continuing my role as recluse in training by staying at home with the cats and not speaking to many people except those I see at uni.

Went with my family to Canberra to see the Degas exhibition on Sunday. There were too many people and my dad tried to make us walk around all together and look at the paintings all together, which really annoyed me. I don't like people being really close to me and I hate gawking at art with other people. I need to be able to look at things for as long or little as I want and be free to move around as I please. I did however pass as a 16yr old. I guess I'll be loving that when I'm 40.

Last night I rented the Jeremy Irons version of Lolita, which I hadn't seen in years. The two teenagers at the video shop were so dumb I wanted to throw my coins at them. And rude as well. I picked up on a lot of things I didn't notice when I was younger. I really wanted to get the Kubrick version out as well but I couldn't figure out the filing system in that shop. Apparently genre and alphabetical order are two foreign concepts to whoever works at that store. I had finally met someone else who actually liked the Kubrick version and wanted to do a comparison study of the two films again just in case I ever got to see said person again.

I really wish I could get to sleep, but maybe I'll work on the erotic colour by numbers I promised Sarah for her magazine.

Jake and Dinos Chapman creating the PJ Harvey/John Parish Video? Her-mazing.

Reclusive [10 Mar 2009|09:53pm]
I have been quite the recluse this weekend.
Instead of going to Mardi Gras which I did want to go to as I've never been to see the parade before I did the following:
- Studied (alot)
- Watched Vertigo, Beyond the Valley of The Dolls and High Fidelity. All of which were pretty fantastic in their own ways, but especially BTVOTD as it had a moralistic ending (sort of) which was random and pretty much came out of nowhere. And nothing in it really made sense either, but the colours were nice. Finally watching High Fidelity in its entirety was quite satisfying. I wholeheartedly agree with Rob when he says that it is not "what you're like" but "what you like" that matters.
- Decided to drink my birthday red wine whilst doing the dishes which degenerated into getting drunk by myself, making popcorn and watching about 20mins of Akira before passing out at like 4pm. Woke up two hours later with a terrible hangover and spent the next three hours tring to feel slightly human again.

I was completely devastated when I got three rolls of film I'd taken with my Diana developed only to have five out of the thirty frames actually come out. I don't know what happened...light got in and damaged the negatives. Oh well, at least I know where to get it developed for cheap now.

I really want to see the Kills, but I cannot believe how expensive the tickets are. Stupid V festival. If they were coming out for a proper tour and not with that stupid thing I'm sure the tickets would have been half the price. Or maybe it's because we are in a global financial crisis and we have to pay them in pounds.

After uni I trekked to the city to take Merangy to our favourite soup kitchen and was skanking around Oxford st while she finished work. I couldn't find the Mojo issue with Nick Cave ANYWHERE. The huge newsagent with like the largest range of homoerotic magazines only had the latest issue and last month's issue. After dinner we searched for bar where we could smoke and drink at the same time but Gaslight's upper bar was closed so we skulked back to Brighton Bar and I mostly drank and Mel mostly stared at the huge plasma screen tv that seems to be mandatory in every pub.

Over-Involved. [23 Feb 2009|08:39pm]
Today was the first day back at uni.
It was depressing that most people I know are doing honours and I am still doing...not much.
In other news, I did training to work in the second hand bookstore and tomorrow we'll be checking in books. I left my lecture after half an hour to go to the grand opening. It wasn't that grand but Ian Thorpe was there. Why, I don't know. I think he was hanging out with his former mentor who is now some big wig in the uni. And because he's such a big celebrity and all he doesn't have uni friends...?
The international student who has joined our working group had been telling me earlier in the day that she'd seen him at the pools and gotten a photo with him. I didn't even bother introducing myself. We had champagne though and then I caught the train with other over-involved uni people from the uni to Epping. It was also the grand opening of the new train line and we get 100 days free transport on that line. Although I don't think it is going to cut down my commute time much.

I spent four hours hanging out at our stall trying to get people to vote for a logo for the new student representative association. Most people didn't know what we were on about or didn't care because we weren't giving out free slurpies. So much for changing an apathetic attitude...

I joined some Buddhist mailing list and also the zine society. I really want to join the fencing club as that is almost the most bourgeois sport I can think of besides Polo. The sport of french dukes and what not. Also you get to play with swords.

Zero [18 Feb 2009|10:50am]
I just obtained the new YYYs single...I'm not sure what to think of it yet.
The beats sounds like Post-era Bjork wannabe...
YYYs go dance???
Makes me want to dance but I just don't know, seems kind of hollow.
Maybe I'm just seratonin depleted.

rather dance with you than talk to you. [16 Feb 2009|08:41pm]
Classes don't start for a week and I am busting to start learning that I'm looking up the online learning site to see if anything it up yet. There's probably nothing as lecturers are not as sad as I. One of my course convenors' last name is RAPEE...

The past two weeks have been one long random adventure with boring things like working in between.
It seems that I have spoken to at least one random person pretty much every since January 31st.

I have acquired myself a job at the university shop as a checkout chick...exciting stuff but at least I have a swipe card and can feel important and get into our working group office without harassing the other employees. The downside of this job is that I have to keep my kleptomaniac tendencies in check.

The past two weekends have been the trashiest I've had in a while and yet I no longer feel ashamed as such. The first involved finally working the guts to ask my unicrush to do something (i.e. going to an exhibition opening) but we both brought friends (thanks for being wingman Mel) and I quickly forgot about him in favour of his Finnish friend. We had Korean BBQ with internationals and ended up losing Mel and going for Karaoke with a bunch of people I hardly knew. Then to Kings X Hotel for dancing times. It was so weird hanging out with a group of heterosexual males.

Last weekend was the most random experience I've had in a while.
Started out on Friday and was just supposed to hang out with Nick and his work friends for his boss/friend Robbie's farewell drinks. Ended up bonding with Robbie's friend as we both knew noone else there and wanted to get out of the pub so went back to his house to listen to music and drink wine. All of a sudden in walks the frontman of a promiment Australian band who hailed from Newcastle and who may or may not have played guitar on The Presets album, his alien-faced model girlfriend, the Sydney DJ who the frontman has collaborated with and my old art teacher...I was scared.

Needless to say I spent the rest of the weekend sleeping (literally) and drinking ridiculously priced alcohol with my new friend and finally arrived home on Sunday afternoon.

This morning when I went to yse my car to get groceries I realised I had left the front doors unlocked and the driver's side window down the entire weekend.

Oh, the ghetto.

Dance Dance Dance [04 Feb 2009|01:36pm]
Last weekend I was feeling sorry for myself and still recovering from some hectic viral infection yet still managed to meet up with Mel and Raj and others for extreme waiting in lines and dancing at the Famous Speigeltent to the "jazz-funk-soul-infusion" stylings of The Bakery. We danced danced danced til 2am and then our hippy/refugee friends went skipping through the fountain. We stashed wine in the shrubs and collected it later. Strolled back to House of Fun, smoked weed and talked shit until 6am.

On Sunday Mel and I went traipsing around the city, running errands in extreme heat that should not be endured by anyone and generally feeling sorry for ourselves. Had drinks and free duck pizza (arigato Nick) at the Australian hotel and then I went home to sleep and snuggle with my cats.

An amazingly good week has turned into an amazing week as I got an invitation for a job interview and a date on Monday. Let's hope all goes well with both of those as I need money and would appreciate a non-emotionally retarded boy to hang out with.

Yesterday I had my second lifeline shift by myself and I spent a lot of time playing Solitaire. I did however get my first sex call, which I have been telling everyone I know about. It didn't distress me at all. I was just glad I didn't get a suicide call like on my first shift. Those are too much work and I hadn't had breakfast.

In the afternoon, dropped off a package to House of Fun and helped Liz pack and said goodbye as she made her way to Newcastle to go to art school. Later, met up with Mel and Roo for $5 steaks and $3 spirits at Strawberry Hills. Then Mel and I strolled down to the Clare for some trivia. We were waiting to cross the street when I saw a white guy and an asian girl and said "I love inter-racial mixing". Mel turned around and realised she knew them so we tagged onto their trivia group...AND WE WON!

Don't kill my optimism yet. [03 Jan 2009|09:23pm]
Looking for a job is very depressing.
I have no skills and don't like any of the jobs that I see.
Or don't have the experience for any of them.
I can't even do data entry. And that's just typing in numbers. I type fast and accurately and like putting numbers in order and sticking labels on boxes and putting them in numerical order.
I have many other things to say but the poverty thing is really depressing me.

Just after Christmas, Michael and I had a massive fight. And I cried the whole morning and then the next day. Which is really quite ridiculous and we are on opposite sides of the world. When I thought about how silly it all was I laughed, but that didn't stop me from feeling sad at the same time.

What the hell am I talking about?
I'm going to clean the dishes and not think about jobs. Or my massive phone bill that I can't afford to pay.

PRODUCTIVE! [05 Nov 2008|05:23pm]
The past three days I have been so productive...I don't understand what is happening. I was rather productive at the start of the semester but something happened. I'm trying not to let the feelings of regret get in the way of being awesomely academic for the last few weeks of semester.

I honestly think it has to do with getting a new desk and lamp from Ikea, even though the lamp is useless as it is red and gives off like NO LIGHT at all.

Yesterday I doodled a portait of Nick Cave in pink highlighter, entitled "Pink Cave".

Last night was the final night of Lifeline training. We had to do an acticity in our small groups, kind of like the snaps cup in Legally Blonde where we wrote nice things about each other. I was described as "quirky" by at least two people. I really hate being described as "quirky" but apparently these people think this is a complement. At least it wasn't "weird". I was slightly disappointed that "wisdom" or "wise" was not used as it was for other people, but then, maybe I'm not wise. Who wants to be sage-like anyway???

I'm completely terrified of our final lifeline assessment next week. I hope I don't screw it up. Then we go on the phones with a supervisor. I had a sit in on Monday and the only thing I could think about the whole five hours was eating KFC when I got out of there.

If you're interested [24 Oct 2008|07:12pm]
This is pretty much a mirror image of me at home, like all the time.


IKEA, here I come!! [20 Oct 2008|02:10pm]
Tax is done FINALLY! Thank the lord for pre-fill in etax. I didn't have to look for my MIA group certificates. In two weeks I will be able to go to IKEA and get my new study desk amongst other neccessities to make my house better, and therefore my mind clearer.

Cut my fringe this morning and my fingers are very sore from playing guitar. I'm looking at buying an autoharp/zither to add to my collection of useless instruments. I feel like such a cashed up bogan. Except for the cashed up part.

note to self: stop harassing your ex-boyfriend through text messages. He is not making out with hot swedes. Maybe. And start spending your money on things like FOOD and not on novelty keyrings and magnets and stickers that say "I <3 minimising windows", even if they are somewhat essential. Actually, I don't regret the $1.50 I spent on those stickers. I have spent at least ten minutes LOLing over them.

HAHAHA, I hate the term "touching base" (it is on one of the stickers). Ok, ENOUGH.

Everything is getting better. This afternoon I'm taking Louise out and hearing all the craziness that has happened over the past couple of days then I'm going to come back home and smash out my essay that was due almost two weeks ago, but it will be finished by tomorrow morning so I can drop it off, even if I have to stay up all night Uppsala stylez.

Hecticity has appeared to have ended. [19 Oct 2008|06:24pm]
Thanks in part to Bingo and also in part to receiving the Chu's party invitation in the mail. Which is A2 size and there is no possible way that I will ever lose it. It features two huge pictures of her, altough would we really have expected anything less?

It also mentions rumours of a Sarachu tribute band, so I'm thinking my drunken suggestions should not be vocalised in the future. I also thought of doing a five minute dramatisation of her life to this point rock opera styles. Too much effort though.

On friday whilst I was running around trying to get organised to go to my parents' house for the weekend, I found my notice of tax assessment that I thought I had lost. It was exactly where I thought it was and I must have seen it before. Evidently I AM dyslexic or alternatively forgot what year we are in and thought it was the wrong one. Anyway, having realised that I really am the stupidest person in the world, I then couldn't find my group certificates, so back to square one. I still can't do my tax and may possibly have to call my old boss and ask for a new one. Which I really don't want to do as I do not want to hear his laughing at me for being stupid.

Friday night saw all my old Wollondilly shire folk and was hijacked by Booner, talking to me for hours about his new guitar and how he is desperate to be in a band with me. Even though I have explained to him numerous times that I cannot play guitar, but if he wants to utilise my castanet/tamborine skills he is more than welcome. Then he tried several times to serenade me with songs that he had written for me, but I think he was lying. He also told me that he was there if I ever wanted a boyfriend and that he was "yearning" to marry me. All this in between telling me stories about how we've known each other since we were born basically, all the stories that he tells me every time that I see him. It took like an hour for me to get him to leave Dave's house so I could drive him home and he made me pull the car over so we could listen to a QOTSA song and "treasure the moment". I love Jake to the bones but sometimes I'd glad I only see him very infrequently.

Louise called me today and she is better, still a bit weak, but at least her sanity has returned. Apparently her psychosis was induced by not taking her medication and not particularly from other activities. I'm going to visit her tomorrow afternoon and bring her a mooncake and a That's Life! magazine. We're going to draft a story to send in about her ordeal and how God helped or something. She told me about how when we was let out in the exercise yard (prison stylez, for seriously), she had prayed and asked for a bird to fly down and give her a sign so to speak if there was any hope for her, and just at that moment two birds flew down and sat at her feet and sang. Maybe we can get $600 if we make it sound bogan enough.

It appears that everything is beginning to go back to normal. Somewhat. The boy cat still hasn't returned.

Bingo fixes everything. [16 Oct 2008|09:48pm]
So I found out why Louise had been in emergency/"died but not in the way I expected"/was sending me numerous unintelligible messages.
She had gone into a potentially drug induced psychosis.
Apparently she'd been ranting about the world ending, hadn't taken her medication in a while and hadn't been sleeping. At all. Oh and she'd been talking about how she was going to kill a certain person but she didn't do it because she couldn't be bothered as this person was not in her immediate vicinity.
I got a call from her mother about 40 minutes after I'd been to see my grandfather who is going to die very soon. He started crying as soon as I walked into the room. I couldn't understand half of what he was saying and the bits I did understand didn't make sense.
Then I had to sit through a hectic student rep group meeting and had to see unicrush. We hardly spoke a word to each other. Luckily I volunteered to take the minutes, which helped me concentrate. Amy Smith still looked at me like I was an alien every time I said something though. I'm trying really hard to not hate her. Worst day ever. Actually, shittest three weeks ever.

But then I went to Bingo tonight and won $70. It was the first game too. It felt so good to be doing something mind numbing and having to concentrate on something and not think.
Winning money was just a bonus. Especially in these economic crisis times.
The government is giving money away to poor Australians. I hope they don't forget about the students.

Hectic Days [13 Oct 2008|12:34pm]
What is with Spring being the season in intense drama?

1. Thursday night with Louise going nuts while I was at Crispin Glover, crying outside my house because I wasn't there, trying to lock herself in the boot. Trying to get home from the city on a weekday when all the trains have stopped, going home and getting smashed til 4:30am, watching Nick Cave DVDs and talking about how out of control life is at the moment.

2. Getting a call from Louise telling me to go to her apartment building if I want to see a CSI scene. Her neighbours/friends had a huge fight in the early hours of the morning, people had fallen down stairs, broken knees, some kind of stabbing, police everywhere.

3. Drinking way too much on Saturday night by accident, waking up at 6am in my house, finding the front door open with the keys in the lock at the front and the screen door unlocked, finding the contents of my bag strewn across my dining room, vomit in the kitchen...

4. Running out of the shower to answer the phone, slipping over the water that had dripped of my body and hitting my head on the kitchen floor. Terrified, naked and wet. With a sore head.

5. Getting a message that reads "Hope ur ok. I don't normally say this but this time I win! I nearly died last night I was ready to go make peace with mum etc and nearly killed myself then was in emergency all night now safe back at home there is so much to tell but i am recovering so can't like talk now but please be assured i did die but not in the sense i expected..."
I still don't know what happened...
I just want to do my homework and bake some cookies.

crisping.lover [13 Oct 2008|11:58am]
Things I meant to say to Crispin Glover:

1. I really loved your dancing in Friday 13th #57.
(Need to see?)

2. Every time I read your name a wire snaps in my brain and I see "Crisping Lover" instead. This only serves to make you seem even more terrifying as I need no help in imagining you basting your lover and rotating them on a rotisserie.

3. Did your childhood library consist solely of Edward Gorey?


I was expecting my brain to hurt, but surprisingly it didn't hurt as much as I anticipated. The Big Slide Show was very funny, but in parts he spoke so fast I couldn't process it all at once. I dragged Rouel along as I didn't want to go by myself. Our favourite book was Egg Farm. Rouel really likes eggs and the pace of the book was slow enough for me to process it. Also it reminded me of when my sister was younger and would tell me jokes that just didn't make sense. She would insist that that was why it was funny and that's what jokes were supposed to be like. She also used to sing on the toilet.
The film "It is fine! Everything is fine." was really quite beautiful and as Jay Katz (film knowledge person extroadinaire) also pointed out, it was fantastic that they didn't put subtitles for Steven C. Stewart's character. Even though I only understood about two things he said the whole film. I loved the dodgey sets and the Lynchian shots in the basement.
I was really sad that I didn't get to see "What is it?" as well. But he should be returning to our shores to show the third film as well when it's done.
The Q & A went for like 2 hours afterwards. Which was great because I like listening to his voice. Usually I find american speaking voices really annoying, depending on where they're from, but not this time. I think it is because we are inundated with american tv shows and I have a tendancy to watch infomercials at 3am. He said that he hadn't had any really aggressive questioning from Australian audiences and he thought that this was because we are a polite people. I think it's probably because the people that go to his films probably get it more so, or are at least more accepting of things that aren't in the mainstream. Really, the only people that would have gone to those shows were fans of his already anyway. However, apparently people had written nasty things on the internet about the film showings.
Anyway, there was this heinous woman who said something to the effect of "I thought the film was really beautiful but all the women were really beautiful and this is just a male fantasy and the women in the audience couldn't relate to that...blah blah blah" I think she was drunk. THE FILM WAS MEANT TO BE A FANTASY. IT WAS STEVEN C. STEWART'S FANTASY YOU DUMB BITCH. Ugh. She kept interrupting Crispin Glover as he was explaining himself/the film to her. This went on for like 1/2 hour. Everyone else was getting extremely annoyed at this person and kept heckling her to shut up and clapping her off. Finally Mr Glover just gave up and went to the next question. NOT SOON ENOUGH!
He talked for so long. He definately likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Maybe that is why he's an actor, although he didn't say a word in the Charlie's Angels movie.
By this point I was not terrified of him anymore and he didn't seem "weird" at all.
For the book signing, the table that he sat at was like ten metres from the line of people. Which just seemed quite ridiculous to Rouel and myself. All these people in front of us wanted to get photos with him and while we were waiting I kept making fun of them and making also mimicking his clown walk in "Clowny Clown Clown" because I was bored. I sincerely hope he didn't see this. Seriously, the walk to the table was ridiculously long, Rouel said we should walk up there like we were getting married.
Anyway, he signed my book and I didn't get a chance to ask any of the questions I wanted to or say any of the things I wanted to as her just launched into basically shameless self-promotion, e.g. "Did you come to What is it? How did you find out about this? Are you on the mailing list? etc. But this did not annoy me at all. Also, he has the worst handwriting I have ever seen. Ever. Can't hold a pen properly either.

Then the night descended into chaos, trying to get home after the trains had stopped, Louise picking us up from some random station after having been crying outside my house for an hour and trying to lock herself in the boot of her car.

This was long.

[01 Oct 2008|01:42pm]
My sister is staying with me at the moment. I feel sorry for her as I have lots of other things to be doing and just leave her to her own devices. I also feel guilty about wanting her to go home so I can do my own thing. However, I did take her to play bowling yesterday, and I smashed her. Poor girl. I was very encouraging though and didn't make fun of her for being chat at bowling. We played arcade games and I wasted too much money playing STACKER. I really wanted that camera though. She won 250 tickets from one machine so we cashed them in for Sailor Moon key chains. Awesome. Today I taught her how to play Canasta and also smashed her at that. She's quite good at it though.

Jess dropped the cats around on Friday and they spend the next three days hiding in my kitchen cupboards. I bought them collars with bells on, so I could put them outside and they wouldn't kill the wildlife. When I finally coaxed them out and put them outside they sprinted off under the house. And they haven't returned. So basically I've been pacing around, making cat noises, listening out for the jingle jangle of their bells and even went crawling around under the house to try and find them. But to no avail! I'm completely terrified of telling Jess that I've lost her cats. Even though I asked her before I put them outside if they would come back. WORST CAT LADY EVER.

When I got home last night, the food I had left out for them had been eaten. The mean cat that sits outside my house and makes a heinous noise could have eaten it though. Or one of the other mean cats that lives in the neighbourhood. Poor Tipiglius! She doesn't like being outside. I actually just really want to cry right now. My poor cats! Where are you?? I even asked my sister to pray that the cats would come back. Not that I believe that will work, but she believes it so I guess it can't hurt, right?

SO much uni work, house work to do. And no money. I hate everyone that lives with their parents and gets fed and clothed and taken care of.

Not today. [26 Sep 2008|10:47am]

But today:


I love Kylie Minogue [08 Sep 2008|05:24pm]
I'm so excited to be seeing Kylie Minogue in December. I'm certain this is going to be the best birthday EVER.
Nick Cave knows it:

"'Better the devil you know' contains one of pop's most violent and distressing love lyrics...When Kylie Minogue sings these words there is an innocence to her voice that makes the horror of this chilling lyric all the more compelling...Like Prometheus chained to his rock, the eagle eating his liver night after night, Kylie becomes Love's sacrificial lamb, bleating an earnest invitation to the drooling, ravenous wolf, to devour her time and time again, all to a groovy techno beat."

I spent the whole day cleaning my kitchen, washing the dishes, cleaning my room and three loads of clothes. Looking after a house is hectic. But I secretly love it, as I can scream along to Kylie as I'm doing the housework and there's noone to complain or make fun of me. Awesome.

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